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Polycrystalline CBN (Cubic Boron Nitrade) Cutting Tools are the most effective tools for the new ferrous difficult-to-machine materials.  They are also the last word for hard turning, high speed, and high removal rate machining. The main advantage is the highest thermal conductivity so far known. CBN material can resist machining temps as high as 2200’F, which allows heat to dissipate with the chip vs. staying with the work piece.

With Knoop hardness of 4500, fine surface finish requirement and interrupted cuts are routinely common.Tooling



  • Eliminate grinding by the process of hardened steels
  • Extremely high material removal rates
  • Closer dimensional tolerances
  • Reduced environmental impact, non-coolant machining
  • Higher quality surface finishes on production runs
  • High thermal conductivity to dissipate heat from work piece

Materials Application List

Soft Cast Iron

Gray Cast Iron

Hard Cast Iron

Alloy Cast Iron

Chilled Cast Iron

Nodular Cast Iron

Hardened Steels

Tools Steels

Die Steels

Case hardened steeels

A,D,M series steels

Bearing steels

Hardness Rc 45-70

Sintered Iron

Powered Metal

Sintered Iron

Super Alloy

Inconel-718, 901,600

Rene 77, 95