MID STATE MANUFACTURING specializes in low to medium production runs. Our pricing is the lowest for any service you may need.

Wire EDM has long been recognized as a production process for the aerospace, medical and electronics industries. Wire EDM solves problems, saves time and is a competitive machining process for a wide variety of applications..


  • Holds tight tolerances and gives absolute consistancy from one piece to the next.
  • Cuts any electrically conductive material burr-free, eliminating many secondary operations.
  • One of the quickest, most accurate processing methods there is.

Mid-State has more than twenty years of experience with wire EDM. We can handle anything from basic tool and die work to part prototypes and production EDM machining. With seven EDM machines and an experienced staff we are ready to serve your needs

MSM has
fabricated and
resharpened more
CBN tools than any
other US Company
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