1610 Meriden Waterbury Tnkpe
Mildale, CT 06467
Your choice for CBN cutting tools and Wire EDM
MSM has
fabricated and
resharpened more
CBN tools than any
other US Company
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 1610 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike
Mildale, Ct. 06467
(860) 621-6855

Mid-State Manufacturing, a Connecticut company founded more than a quarter century ago, is a leading pioneer in the use of CNC traveling wire EDM for tool and die manufacturing and short run production and prototype parts.

Since 1977, the company has relied exclusively on this process for the high speed cutting of semi-conductive polycrystalline materials commonly utilized for exotic cutting tools and wear parts.

Today, Mid-State is a popular EDM production and manufacturing facility operating seven days weekly in the fabrication of carbide and PCD diamond tooling and specializing in the fabrication of CBN cutting tools with a production record far exceeding those of competing companies in the United States.


 MSM fabricates a complete line of high performance “state of the art” polycrystalline PCD diamond and CBN cutting tools.  These tools dramatically out perform coated carbide, ceramic, cermit on diamond coated in high performance machining.  Manufactured in high volume under advanced procedures, not only allow these tools to be high in quality, but also can be sold at the lowest prices in the industry period!

MSM stocks thousands of resharpenable standards of various geometries and grades that can easily be fit into your current holding systems. Always ready for JIT  twenty-four hour delivery.