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Mid-State uses materials supplied by Diamond Innovations, the world’s leader in CBN and Diamond manufacturing. For more information on machining almostany material, click on the Diamond Innovations logo to access the Diamond Innovations Machining Advisor

Diamond Innoviations


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PCD & CBN Tooling

MSM fabricates a complete line of high performance “state of the art” polycrystalline PCD diamond and CBN cutting tools.  These tools dramatically out perform coated carbide, ceramic, cermit on diamond coated in high performance machining.  Manufactured in high volume under advanced procedures, not only allow these tools to be high in quality, but also can be sold at the lowest prices in the industry period! 

MSM stocks thousands of resharpenable standards of various geometries and grades that can easily be fit into your current holding systems. Always ready for JIT  twenty-four hour delivery.

Custom Tools & Specials

MSM can incorporate your existing tools with CBN and PCD. PCD and CBN can be used for various wear parts.   Many facilities re-engineer there manufacturing processes with the elimination of antiquated tooling by using polycrystalline super abrasives designed and manufactured at MSM


(Cubic Boron Nitrade)

For the high speed machining of hardened steel, super alloys, and cast iron, etc.


  • Eliminate grinding by the process of hardened steels
  • Extremely high material removal rates
  • Closer dimensional tolerances
  • Reduced environmental impact, non-coolant machining
  • Higher quality surface finishes on production runs
  • High thermal conductivity to dissipate heat from work piece

Materials Application List

Soft Cast Iron

Gray Cast Iron

Hard Cast Iron

Alloy Cast Iron

Chilled Cast Iron

Nodular Cast Iron

Hardened Steels

Tools Steels

Die Steels

Case hardened steeels

A,D,M series steels

Bearing steels

Hardness Rc 45-70

Sintered Iron

Powered Metal

Sintered Iron

Super Alloy

Inconel-718, 901,600

Rene 77, 95







(Polycrystaline Diamond)

For the finish and roughing of Non-Ferrous Metals and non-metals, Aluminum, Brass, Composites, etc.


  • Ultimately the longest lasting cutting material known
  • Extremely high speed machining capabilities
  • Improve surface finishes 
  • High removal rates without metalergical damage 

Materials Application List


Brass Alloys

Bronze Copper


Copper Alloys






Tungsten Carbide